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How to wash your Liberty print headbands

by Kate Harrison on January 12, 2023

Model wearing Liberty print side bow headband

Following on from our recent blog on How to wash your Liberty print scrunchies, below we’ll give you all the top tips you need to keep your Liberty London print headbands looking clean.

Headbands often pick up marks from day-to-day handling, make-up, hair products, and natural hair oils that transfer onto the fabric. So, here’s our recommendations on how to clean your Liberty Tana Lawn cotton headbands. Silk headbands should only ever be spot cleaned or delicately hand washed in cold water. 

We recommend these are hand washed, air dried and then ironed, to ensure that they retain their shape and continue to look their best. Do not use a washing machine dryer cycle, as this will likely damage the elastic inside the headband.

We recommend lightly sponging this style with a damp cloth and liquid detergent. We have previously tested washing a padded knot headband by immersing it briefly in warm, soapy water, before rinsing and air drying. This appeared to be successful, but we have only tested this once, so do this at your own risk!

Again, we recommend lightly sponging this style with a damp cloth and liquid detergent. You may also slip the fabric off each end of the plastic headband base and handwash each side of the centre knot before air drying, ironing, and replacing in the end pockets.

It is also possible to completely untie the knot and remove the headband fabric from the band in order to hand wash, dry and iron. Please be aware that it may be tricky to re-tie the knot and achieve evenly matched sides, but it is certainly possible!

Untie the side bow knot and slip the fabric off each end of the headband, hand wash the fabric and allow to dry fully, before ironing or steaming. Then slide the ends back onto the headband and retie the bow.

Finally, for day-to-day headband maintenance, we highly recommend you invest in a lint roller to remove any small fibres on the headband. Then occasionally spritzing your headband with a fabric spray or perfume will keep your headband smelling fresh and clean.