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Blog: Meet Kate and Anna: The mother-daughter duo behind Holme & Moss

Meet Kate and Anna: The mother-daughter duo behind Holme & Moss

Photo of Anna and Kate | Holme & Moss

With our 5th birthday approaching (we can't quite believe it!), we thought we'd share a little bit more about us - Kate and Anna, the mother and daughter duo behind the Holme & Moss brand.

A little bit about us and how Holme & Moss started...

So, we've been selling Liberty print hair accessories since 2018, handmade in our Holmfirth studio in West Yorkshire. We started Holme & Moss just before Kate retired as a school librarian. Kate has had a lifelong passion and talent for sewing but has never had the confidence to take it further. Anna gave her the push to start the business, and we’re now in our fifth year having made over 20,000 hair accessories!!

Kate, the mum of the team, is the maker and strives with every design and every make to ensure the highest quality, with a focus on creating hair accessories with both style and comfort in mind, and without any headband headaches!

Anna, the daughter of the team, is the marketeer of the business, managing the website, marketplaces, social media - anything that doesn’t involve a needle and thread! Anna recently took voluntary redundancy from her full-time marketing job and made the leap into Holme & Moss full time.

How we picked the name 'Holme & Moss'...

The name ‘Holme & Moss’ was chosen after many sleepless nights! Our relatively bland names, ‘Anna and Kate Harrison’ were not offering any inspiration, but we really wanted a name with a personal connection. The lightbulb moment came when we were looking out of the window for inspiration, with the view of ‘Holme Moss’ in the distance - this beautiful moorland landscape in Holmfirth, West Yorkshire has been our home for the last 35 years, and it seemed fitting to incorporate this into our brand name.

The inspiration behind our product range...

Our product range has evolved over the years, some of you will know that we started with Liberty print tops, pocket mirrors and hair clips, and since then we’ve evolved into the hair accessories range that we have today. We focus on making products that we love, in the Liberty prints that we love, and hope that you love them too!

An interesting fact about how our products are made...

We certainly didn’t design quick or easy products to make! Just one of our knot headbands includes a five-step process. From cutting the fabric shapes to headband gluing, shape machining to hand stitching, before finally the tying the knot and fitting the fabric shape to the headband base!

Our favourite product...

It would have to be our Liberty print scrunchies - the 90's fashion comeback! This was one of the first products we introduced to the range, and we started making these just before they made a resurgence in all the high street shops - it was great to be ahead of the trend!

What we love most about what we do...

Our customers. Knowing that we have brought a little bit of joy into someone's life through our hair accessories means the world to us. We can't thank our customers enough for all the incredible support they have given us on our journey - every photo shared and every review written - it makes it all worthwhile.

Community. What we didn’t expect when starting a new business was to be instantly welcomed by a huge community of makers on Instagram. We’ve met so many fellow makers and we’ve been able to share ideas, join in with collaborations and giveaways, support each other at local events – it’s such a great community to be a part of!

What being a small business mean to us...

Our small business has given us both the opportunity to leave our 9-5 jobs behind, to follow our passion and showcase our creativity, and do something that we love every day. Again, what makes being a small business so special is our customers, they make all the hard work and (very) long hours’ worth it!

Our proudest achievement...

I think we both agree on this one, creating Holme & Moss has to be our proudest achievement. We were so excited just to get one sale, and to see the success that it is today, and to do it with each other, is something quite special.

Ask us anything...

If you have any questions for either of us, about Holme & Moss, business tips, product related questions, or just fun things you want to know about us, post them below!

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