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Blog: How to wash your Liberty print scrunchies

How to wash your Liberty print scrunchies

Women tying a Liberty scrunchie in her hair | Holme & Moss

We often get asked what is the best way to clean our Liberty print hair accessories. In this blog we’ll provide you with our top tips to keep your Liberty fabric scrunchies looking fresher for longer.

Scrunchies are not often at the top of the washing pile, however, with natural hair oils and daily hair products transferring onto your scrunchies, a regular clean is essential.

How often should I wash my scrunchie?

This all depends on how often you wear it, and when you wear it! We recommend giving your Liberty print scrunchies a wash at least once a month, however, if you’re wearing it for a daily workout, we would certainly recommend washing it more frequently!

Machine or hand wash?

Liberty Tana Lawn cotton scrunchies can be either machine or hand washed, whereas Liberty silk scrunchies should only ever be hand washed. If you have the time, we would recommend you hand wash, no matter what the fabric. This may not be the most practical or time efficient method, but this will help prolong the life of the Liberty fabric even further.

Follow our top tips below to wash your scrunchies with care:

Tips for machine washing
  • Use a delicate or hand-wash setting on the washing machine
  • Before putting your cotton scrunchies into the washing machine, place them in a small net bag, sock or pillow case - this will help to prevent any lint from sticking to your scrunchies
  • Wash with similar colours
  • Do not wash with clothes that bleed easily, such as denim
  • Use fabric softener and colour-catcher sheets to keep your cotton scrunchies looking vibrant

Tips for hand washing
  • Ideally use a hand washing detergent, this will help to get any stains out 

How to dry your scrunchies
  • Do not use a washing machine dryer cycle, this will likely damage the elastic inside your scrunchie 
  • Always air dry your scrunchies
  • Ensure your scrunchies are completely dry before wearing again

The finishing touch…

After a good wash, your scrunchie will look a little out of shape. To get your scrunchie back to its best, you’ll just need to give it a quick iron. Pull out the fabric as you work around your scrunchie, giving it a good press on each section. Once you’ve done a full circle, or two, your scrunchie should look as good as new! 
By giving your scrunchies a regular, delicate wash you’ll keep them looking bright and smelling fresh. In our next blog we’ll be providing you with all the top tips to keep your Liberty print headbands clean.

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