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Blog: A guide to choosing the perfect headband

A guide to choosing the perfect headband

Blog: A guide to choosing the perfect headband | Holme & Moss

Headbands are a fashion staple. They effortlessly blend fashion with functionality, adding flair to any outfit while keeping your hair in place. Whether you're looking for a statement piece for a special occasion or a practical accessory for everyday wear, finding the perfect headband can elevate your style and give your confidence a boost.

We design all our headbands with comfort and ease of wear in mind, ensuring no more headband headaches! We use only the softest and almost silk-like Liberty London Tana Lawn cotton for our hair accessories, which is kind to the hair and protects from any tension breakage. Our headbands are also made using a flexible recyclable plastic base, which provides a more comfortable fit behind the ears and can be easily adjusted to fit the shape of your head.

Our collection of timeless headband styles are perfect for everyday wear and for all generations to enjoy. In this blog, we’ll explain the differences between our styles to help you find the ideal headband for you, whatever the occasion.

Classic knot headband

 Liberty London Classic Knot Headband | Holme & MossLiberty London Classic Knot Headband | Holme & Moss

For those looking for something a little more understated, our classic knot headbands are for you. Our most popular headband style features a subtle low knot, with a relaxed fabric style, making it perfect for everyday wear.

Padded knot headband

Liberty London Padded knot headband | Holme & MossLiberty London Padded knot headband | Holme & Moss
For more of a statement headband, this is the style for you, the extra padding creates the perfect amount of volume for the raised knot. This style has a narrower and more structured design than our classic knot headband, and with its softer, cushioned feel, these headbands provide extra comfort, so you'll be able to wear it all day, and may even forget you're wearing it at all!

Side bow headband

Liberty London Side Bow Headband | Holme & MossLiberty London Side Bow Headband | Holme & Moss
This side bow headband with a wide fabric base will add a playful finishing touch to your look. Our side bow headbands feature a detachable bow, allowing you to adjust its placement to create different looks. The main part of the headband is also detachable to ensure it’s easily washable. For full instructions on how to wash any of our headband styles, take a look at our ‘How to wash your Liberty print headbands’ blog.

Twist headband

Model wearing twist Headband, Liberty London Emma and Georgina B Print | Holme & MossTwist Headband, Liberty London Emma and Georgina B Print | Holme & Moss

Our popular twist headbands have no inner plastic band, they are easy to wear with an elasticated back for a comfortable fit. Stylish and functional, these headbands are perfect for keeping hair away from the face. They can also be worn opened out to create a wider style, ideal for those warm weather ponytails. When not in use in the hair, they can be wrapped around the wrist for an alternative look.

Silk satin headband

Liberty London Silk Satin Headbands | Holme & MossLiberty London Silk Satin Side Bow Headbands | Holme & Moss

Our limited edition silk satin headbands in both padded knot and side bow styles offer a little luxury to your headband collection. Silk satin is incredibly smooth, reducing friction between the hair and the band, minimising the chance of breakage, split ends or hair loss. This is the perfect accessory to add an elegant touch to any outfit or occasion.

With over 20 Liberty prints to choose from, and four headband styles, there is a headband to suit everyone. Browse our wide range of headbands and prints here, to find the perfect headband to reflect your personality and style.

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This has been really helpful, thank you – I was torn between the classic and padded styles, but I’ve decided on more of a statement piece with the padded!


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