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Blog: Five reasons to shop small this Christmas

Five reasons to shop small this Christmas

Blog: Five reasons to shop small this Christmas

"When you support a small business, you're supporting a dream"

This quote couldn’t be more true. Holme Moss has given us both the opportunity to leave our 9-5 jobs behind, to follow our passion and showcase our creativity, and do something that we love every day - and we couldn’t have done that without you. Small businesses have certainly not had it easy over the past few years, now, more than ever, they need our support. There are SO many reasons to shop small this Christmas (and all year round), but here are our top five.

  • Your support will help boost the UK and local economy

    One way we can all do our bit to help the UK and local economy is by shopping from independent businesses. Research states that for every £1 spent with a small or medium sized business 63p stays in the local economy, compared to 40p with larger businesses. By supporting small, you can feel good knowing that you’re making a positive impact to the economy, both locally and nationally, along with helping create local jobs for local people.

  • Shopping small is the ethical choice

    Big chains will often win on low pricing, offering big promotions to entice us to shop with them. However, you can’t ignore the many reports of their unethical working conditions, unfair wages and the negative impact on climate change. Small businesses put long hours into ethically sourcing, producing, and manufacturing their products, striving to do the right thing. By shopping small you know exactly where your product comes from, who has made it, and the ingredients and materials used.

  • Discover a world of unique gifts

    Bypass mass production this year, and discover the magic of shopping with a small business. The UK is filled with so many talented and skilled artisans whose unique products are created with care and passion, one-of-a-kind, personal gifts that your family and friends will really love. One place you can be sure to find a beautiful array of individual gifts from small businesses is at Curated Makers stores. With six stores nationwide, Curated Makers provides a unique experience to shop small on the high street, offering a world of unique gifts from local makers.

  • Personal customer service

    Often small business owners fill every role in the company, they’re the maker, the packer, the marketeer, and the customer service manager! This means they know every last detail about their products and are able to provide exceptional, personal and efficient customer service. Beautiful wrapping and a handwritten note can add that special touch and a warmth of connection that is impossible to find when buying from a major retailer.

  • Get that feel good feeling!

    Shopping small is a much more positive and personal shopping experience - it gives you that feel-good feeling that you just don’t get at the likes of Amazon. So, shop small this Christmas, knowing that you’re making a big difference to someone's life, and supporting their dream.

This Christmas, give the big chains a miss and support your local economy by shopping small. You’ll find unique gifts for your loved ones, enjoy great customer service, and even avoid the queues! With Small Business Saturday on Saturday 2nd December, please try and shop small where you can this Christmas, your support really means the world to us.

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